Azienda Media Intelligence

What Is Media Intelligence?

Every day millions of pieces of news and comments that may impact any Company or Body are published by Newspapers, Magazines, TV, Radio, Web and Social Media.

Media Intelligence is the process of gathering data and information available through the Media and analyzing them to improve the decision-making process in your organization.


Who Is Interested in Media Monitoring:

  • Press Offices
  • Top Management
  • Institutions, Associations and Bodies, at national and local level
  • Marketing functions
  • Public figures from culture, art and politics


What Are Companies and Bodies Looking For?

  • Sources where a brand was mentioned
  • Scenarios and information regarding a specific market or cross-cutting topics
  • Published information on strategic and crisis management topics
  • Media coverage of company actions and requests from the public
  • Targeted information for marketing intelligence purposes
  • Specific services aimed at “personal brand” protection
  • Measurement of return on investment in communication



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