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L'Eco della Stampa S.p.A. is the Italian leader and one of the most important MEDIA MONITORING players in Europe.

For more than 100 years our mission has been to work as a reliable partner for those working in the communication and marketing areas of any publicly-owned or private entity wishing to monitor how its image is reflected in traditional and digital media.

Each day thousands of Customers relay on L’Eco della Stampa’s services to strengthen their marketing and communication functions, for brand reputation, crisis management and media analysis.
The main services include Press Clipping, Web Monitoring, Radio and TV Monitoring, Social Media Monitoring, Media Coverage Analysis.



Our Future-Oriented History

L'Eco della Stampa’s goal has always been to work in partnership with its customers to keep track of what is being written about them, a difficult daily task.

The idea of dividing press clippings by items of interest originated at a newsagent’s in Paris back in 1879. A few years later, in 1901, Ignazio Frugiuele understood the potentials of this business and founded L’Eco della Stampa in Rome.

Over the years the role of press clipping services has become increasingly important in several areas, for journalists and press offices,for communication agencies and marketing, in Italy and internationally.

In 1904 the company moved to Milan. Offices have also been opened in Rome and Genoa to monitor local media.

Efforts and investments were made over the years to:

  • Increase media coverage, especially with regard to newspapers;
  • Use skilled personnel to manage data collection quality and complex processing;
  • Ensure operations 365 days a year, on a continuous basis, including at night, so that press clippings can be delivered early in the morning.

Between the 80s and 90s L'Eco della Stampa was the first company in Italy to extend monitoring to radio/TV channels through its Ecovideo division.

Although new players appeared on the market, its leading role was confirmed on the eve of 2000. Among several innovations, the company set up the EcoAnalysis Division to provide customers with qualitative/quantitative analyses on activities and investment regarding marketing and communication.

The company is currently working to increase source indexing and information storage, from web monitoring (the most extensive on the market), to expansion of radio and TV sources associated to digital development, to social media and new forms of digital communication, willing to apply its skills to monitor new networks.


Value Proposition

L'Eco della Stampa is the ideal partner for customers wishing to manage their image as reflected in the media:

  • Monitoring of an increasing number of sources, ensuring high performance, around the clock service 7 days a week
    - newspapers, weekly magazines, local, technical and specialized press;
    - 9000 web sites
    - thousands of radio/TV channels
  • Information selection capability and prompt communication
  • Flexibility to respond to different needs with integrated, modular and flexible services
  • Completely focused on media monitoring and media analysis, with no interests in other competing areas


Certification and References

L’Eco della Stampa is a founding member of FIBEP (Federation Internationale des Bureaux d’Extraits de Presse) and a member of AMEC (Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication), the most important international associations in this sector.

It was the first company in Italy to obtain EN ISO 9001-2008 for media monitoring services.

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