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The Integrated Platform

L’Eco della Stampa utilizes an evolved and web-based delivery solution to provide its services.

This platform integrates access to the various sources (press, radio and television, web, Agencies) and analysis functions. Therefore it can certainly be considered as a Media Intelligence tool.

The platform was recently upgraded using modern technologies to ensure a more flexible and quick access to evolved functions.

Articles, clips and reports are available to customers in a single platform which may be accessed also by mobile devices (iPhones, iPads, BlackBerry phones, Android Smartphones, Tablets).


Please contact  us for additional information on opportunities offered by our new platform.

Customer staff can make queries into the database using several search filters and manage articles and clips by organizing all media monitoring tasks, including real-time alerts.

Intranet - based delivery solutions are also available.

dedicated account to meet specific needs; one of our strengths is the possibility to tailor our services to meet even complex needs.


Agencies – Unified Media Monitoring Service Management

Access to Agency news makes it possible to have full, real-time coverage of events in Italy and abroad, supplementing contents available through L'Eco della Stampa’s  system.

In Italy there are general news agencies as well as specialized news agencies. It is of paramount importance for Press Offices to have access to this news flow on a real-time basis, but it is also important for companies and bodies.

The service is available to CUSTOMERS WHO HAVE SUBSCRIBED TO NEWS AGENCIES from the unified media monitoring service management platform and through a dedicated application, thus ensuring full source integration, a single database and a single flow.

The various solutions adjust to customers’ access systems (client server architecture, web access, mobile) and ensure full source integration and several content use functions.

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