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Media monitoring is of paramount importance to develop, assess and adjust institutional, operating and marketing activities. It must be prompt, effective, thorough and tailored to meet specific needs.

L'Eco della Stampa S.p.A. is the Italian leader and one of the most important  MEDIA MONITORING players in Europe.

Every day L'Eco della Stampa works to identify media coverage in the press,  webRadio/TV, for thousands of public and private organizations. More than 10,000 sources including national, local, technical and specialized press, web sites and radio/ TV channels are constantly monitored by our team of experts. Plus a huge amount of social media and web 2.0 items.

L’Eco della Stampa offers different solutions to monitor one or more search words, which may also include industry topics or other needs and can provide tailored press clipping and web and radio/TV monitoring services.

L'Eco della Stampa’s goal is to work in partnership with its customers to identify information that may be of interest for them, a difficult daily task.

Focus is placed to identify:

  • Brand mentions
  • Scenarios relating to the specific market in which a customer operates
  • Cross-cutting topics
  • Published information on strategic and crisis management topics
  • Information about customers or competitors

A fully dedicated Customer Service is available to our customers. A staff of 220 employees provide services to over 5000 Customers.

L’Eco della Stampa provides a unique press clipping service in Italy, unequalled in terms of promptness, reliability, coverage and customization.

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