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L’Eco della Stampa provides monitoring and analysis of social media in an integrated way to press, web, radio and TV monitoring.


Within our portfolio, we coexist different solutions to cover more appropriately all different levels of digitization of our customers, from the entry level solutions for those who are new to the world of social media, to the most sophisticated equipment for monitoring and analysing of all social channels.


For more than three years ahead of the market, we work on these new channels. The experience of the complexity that our customers face every day provides us with case studies, best practices and benchmarks.


A further advantage in choosing us as a partner for the exploration of this world is the extremely high level of support we give to our customers, from the very first moment and onwards, which in addition helps us in accelerating the learning curve and the experience necessary to take measurements of a world so different from the traditional one.


Our team prepares the platform our customer’s indication and follows step by step the monitoring in order to avoid any imperfection in the research setting or analysis metrics.


By choosing one of our solutions, you will be able to participate in our quarterly Social Media Academy: a heterogeneous working group that get together every three months and analyses case studies and best practices. A unique opportunity for professionals coming from different companies and industry.

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